Adding Interactivity with Leap Motion


In this tutorial we'll go over how to setup your Leap Motion Device in Unity, and try out one of the cool demos we've put together!

In order to follow this tutorial the Leap Motion Controller needs to be plugged into your PC, and your portrait display needs to be set to Desktop Mode.

Required software


1. Setup Your Devices

Once you have all your prerequisites installed, you'll want to make sure that your Leap Motion Controller is properly connected. If you've installed the Leap Motion Gemini software and have your Leap Motion connected to your PC, you should see the following icon in the Windows 10 Icon Tray.

If the Icon is Black it means that the Leap Motion is disconnected. If it's yellow or red it means that there is something wrong with the connection.

You can test further by opening the Leap Motion Visualizer. Right Click the Leap Motion Icon, and select Visualizer.

You should be able to see your hands! Woah! Cool!

Make sure the visualizer is set to "desktop mode" and you're all set! Let's play with some blobs!!!

2. Playing with the Blobs Demo

Once you've got your leap motion all set up and working, download and open up the blobs demo. This demo is already packaged and setup to work with your leap motion.

Open up the file archive and run the Portrait Demos.exe file. This should automatically launch on your portrait! Move your hand above the Leap Motion Controller and you'll see a virtual hand in the Looking Glass!

3. Unity and Unreal

Our Unity and Unreal guides on setting up your leap motion are coming soon! In the mean time, join our discord and we'll help you get setup there!